I started homeschooling my son this year. Since I’ve begun, I have learned a lot more about my son’s strengths, abilities, and weaknesses, than I could ever asses while he was enrolled. Some people believe what I’m dong is crazy, that I’m taking on too much, that I am alienating my son from society, I say it’s quite the opposite. Hello? He is my son! I have given public education programs a crack at it for 8 years, I’m not satisfied, maybe it’s part of being an overachieving Capricorn. I just believe my son can achieve so much more than what’s expected of him, and how else do things evolve if not through change?

I better get going, got to get started on his quarterly report. Quarterly reports are part of homeschooling, just as in any educational dynamic. Don’t let the idea of quarterly reports discourage you if your starting to home school, they serve as a goal keeper for your progress. I like to share them with all therapist and doctors, on my child’s educating team, it’s good to keep everyone informed and on the same page to maximize success and progress. I like to keep goals realistic, so I don’t put pressure on myself our my child. For example I want my son to learn about his age appropriate curriculum but he has not mastered skills from a first grade curriculum yet so I have to realistically start there.  Homeschooling a child with Autism is already stressful for both parent and child, I try to make it as fun as possible. All children learn better when they’re being entertained and having fun, I know I did.



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