A Poem for Grandma

Happy Grandparents day everyone, hope you enjoy this little poem, this is for you Grammy.

Our Wedding (147)

What a strange thing to refer to every day people in my life as grand like they are royalty of some sort. I guess it is because of the way they earn our love that makes them royalty in my heart.

They are not obligated to love us as deeply as they do and yet they love us like their own and sometimes even more than their own do. For they possess a patience and wisdom that only comes with Life. They’ve watched their own grow and have lost folks they know which gives them the insight to cherish this time.

For time is fleeting, youth remains in the skin but for so long, but in the souls of their family’s young, it resurfaces, is reborn and lives on, keeping them contemporary and strong. Their love and knowledge seem limitless to those lucky enough to bask in it. They are generous with their heart but also teach discipline and respect.

Anytime I do something wrong it is their voices I hear in my head. When I couldn’t talk to mom or dad, when I wasn’t sure if what I did was bad, when I had great news to share, when I needed advice from someone who cared.


A friendship that stands any test of time, my love for them always remains fresh in my mind. In this fast paced, no time to waste, life design it truly is grand to still have this connection of mine. So this grandparents day I say thank you to all those Grand for loving us so deeply and for always doing all you can.


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