Apps for Autism- White Noise App

I previously wrote about 5 apps that I think work really well for kids with autism.
Here is another app that I have found really useful recently in my day-to-day life with J.

Relaxing Melodies – Free.

relax melodies

I’ve used this app in different situations.
It works extremely well at church where it is quiet except the occasional baby who spontaneously makes sounds that J can’t handle. If I put music on in his headphones it could over stimulate him in a situation where sitting still and quiet are preferred. Also, it would be distracting to those around him since he would have to play the music very loud to cancel out the baby’s noises.

This app has many different sounds but the one that works best for us is a combination of wind, white noise, heavy rain and the river. It just quiets every noise around him and doesn’t over stimulate.


I also use it when we are out shopping and there are too many loud children. This app works with Bluetooth and is available for download on most phones as well as tablets. It also works when you close out  the app so if the screen saver comes on it wont turn off. I usually connect his Bluetooth headphones to the app on my phone, and leave my phone in my purse so he doesn’t change it or have to carry around his iPad, especially some place like church.

J also deals with anticipated anxiety from his triggers which means just seeing a trigger without hearing the actual sound can begin an outburst. Having this app as a tool has definitely helped him feel more confident and calm when entering a situation where he knows triggers maybe present. It always helps to have options.

Hope this helps anyone out there whose child has auditory sensitivity. Let me know if you give it a try or how you deal with Auditory Sensitivity.


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