Keeping A Balanced Mind

Anyone who knows me well enough will tell you I swear by Yoga. I started doing it about 13 years ago and really became dedicated to the practice within the past 6 years. whenever I slack off for whatever reason I notice I am so much more irritable and my once optimistic perspective narrows into a stream of negativity. Luckily I notice this fairly quickly and get back to my mat ASAP. So when I became pregnant one of the many things I was sad to have to put to the side was Yoga, until I found a great Yoga video collection on YouTube. I am not the Yoga class chick, I prefer to work out on my own. I took a class once when I was in high school and I recommend taking at least one class so you know what muscles should be engaged, if you have never tried Yoga before. For the past thirteen years I’ve been practicing on my own and with DVD’s. My favorite DVD is with Kristin McGee, unfortunately they do not have it on YouTube but here’s a link to buy it if your interested: MTV Yoga.

I like vinyasa yoga but some of the poses are not safe for pregnancy so I had to try out some prenatal yoga. I tried a bunch of different videos but the one that I loved and did for my entire pregnancy is by Katy Appleton. If you are pregnant and looking for a new routine I highly recommend hers and if your new to Yoga her routine is a great way to try it out. The most important thing in Yoga is the breath, which is probably one of my favorite things about it. It’s not about how far you can stretch, that all comes with time, or how strong you are in your pose, again that comes with time, but the breathing which to me is the most helpful part.

There are times when life is just so stressful, IEP meetings, and unconquerable behaviors, and since doing Yoga I remind myself always to breath, not the way we do most of the time, but deeply with intent. While I was homeschooling J I was diagnosed with Anxiety and my doctor immediately wanted to get me on some meds, I rededicated myself to doing yoga at least three times a week, and within months I regained my clarity and balance. Just like anything that garners results it has to be done routinely. Give it a try, at least the breathing aspect of it and let me know if it helps.

Yoga can treat so many ailments in the body but for me the big one is stress. If you have any other questions about starting Yoga feel free to comment below, I will try my best to advise, Namaste 🙂


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