Glasses and the spectrum

Every year it seems we have a new challenge with Jace. Phases of broken technology and the hundreds of dollars to get through said phases are all to familiar when we move on to the new challenge, glasses, specs, readers 🤓

Last year we discovered Jace needed glasses. We have been through 7 pairs now. I swear if companies need people to test the durability of something our kids are the perfect candidates. Each pair revealed its flaw as the months passed. Bringing us to today.

So the new pair is fairly durable and lasted much longer than any other pair. I’ve been waiting to have some success to share before writing about this.

Miraflex was our miracle. If your having issues with a fidgety or destructive child

these are great, they really work for us.

Above: Jace with his Miraflex

I would recommend getting scratch resistant lenses as well, that’s what happened to this new pair, they got scuffed up but the frames are still good.

Good luck


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