Hello Zumba Lovers! This is our first week back in the studio. I just wanted to take a moment to explain the jump in our monthly rate.

After much consideration and calculations, due to the rising cost as a private instructor, $120 a month was the figure I came up with. However I still want my classes to be accessible and motivating for everyone.

So I am adding another pricing option by bringing back the 10 class pass. Good for 10 classes this pass is good for up to a year as are all multi class passes.

Hope to see you on the dance floor soon!



MONDAY- All Abilities Zumba- 6:15PM-7:15PM

This class is a Special Needs Zumba class for Individuals living with Autism as well as other Developmental challenges. 

16Yrs+ This class allows individuals the space to explore rhythm and movement on their terms, as well as get a good cardio workout. This is a great social opportunity within the community and is approved by some self direction programs.

$15 a Class, $70 a Month.

ZUMBA: FALL SESSIONS START MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 12!! Here’s a look at our upcoming season’s schedule.

To register online email Zumbajred@gmail.com with:

Your name, date of birth and the class you would like to register for. We’ll get you all set up!

Or just show up for the class you would like to attend and register before or after class.


All Zumba Classes- $15 a class

Multi class pass- 5 classes for $60

Busy schedule but you want to commit to the joy of dance and expression??? Buy a Multi Class Pass. Come at your leisure as these classes do not expire for a year! $15 Savings Pay for 4 but get 5!

Monthly membership: $120

A $40 savings and unlimited classes! Set your inner dancer free! Entitles you a spot to any class currently scheduled as well as extra additions throughout the month and a free Zumba T-shirt upon initial registration.

Free Class Pass-

Not sure if you can Zumba or even what that means??? Come give it a try for free and bring your best buddy too. Present this pass, either on your phone or print out, to Jess and get ready to have a blast and sweat! Pass good for one time only use.

Present this pass for free access to your first class only.

Why I love Zumba

3 Yr Anniversary as a Zumba Instructor Reflections 🤔 💃🥳

Jessica R Duggins

Laughing it up with my Front Row Diva Dottie 💃

August 6th makes my 3rd year as an official Zumba Instructor, I can’t believe 3 years have passed so quickly. I’ve enjoyed the journey of becoming a fitness instructor, the challenges, the growth, the music and of course the dance!

Teaching Zumba has been the most fun job I’ve had albeit, one of the most challenging. I am instructing people towards a healthier lifestyle, in one of the most fun ways, but exercise is only a small part of being fit and healthy, and that became apparent most so in my own life.

It has led me to reflect upon my own lifestyle choices, made me face my bad eating habits and other mental strains like taking on unnecessary stress. Of course life will have stressors but how I respond to it is my choice.

Soca Fun During Summer Sessions

When I am dancing and teaching Zumba the unnecessary stress goes away for an hour. I’m focused on cueing moves and the music. I’m focused on my participants, if they are getting the moves, are they having fun, are they safe, are they getting a good workout?

I focus on the beat, the lyrics, the fun and freedom of the groove, and the connection I share with my fellow dancers.

The stress of buying a house fades away for an hour, as does the stress of being an adult living with my parents. This is also year 3 of that journey. The stress of parenting a young adult living with autism, the worry of raising a multiracial child in a racially charged country, and the basic everyday stresses of being a mom and wife, all melt away for an hour.

I take a deep breath before I address the dancers and it’s all gone, my brain knows where we are going, we are taking a mini vacation, I am allowing my brain to celebrate life and a space to express joy, passion, individuality, and confidence.

I am connecting with the other dancers and as we dance together and laugh, the space between us is being filled with happiness, smiles and laughter, and of course sweat.

We come with our day trailing behind us, we are excited to put our worries down for a while and let the music take us back to our true selves. I reconnect, with my body, my spirit, my inner self, who loves to create and move and share that joy with others.

My arms look different to me in this moment, they are banners of expressive thought, strong hard moves that show my toughness and the adversity I have overcome. During softer moves they are like silk ribbons of comfort, grace and nurturing. My arms are telling a story, my story, my interpretation of the song, my connection to a song. My arms are happy and free as they feel the breeze of movement against their surface. It is a celebration of movement and the allowance to do so.

My legs look different as well. They are pillars of strength, decisively moving all over the dance floor, moving in rhythm, moving with purpose, moving freely.

I am in this moment, I am connected to the music, it’s an excuse to be elegant, and a reason to stomp and shout. I’m home and officially in my happy place 😊

That may or may not be Zumba for others but I think, I hope, we all share a space like that ❤️ and if you don’t yet, come to Zumba and dance with us, it’s a great start to finding your own happy place.

See you on the dance floor 😘


New Space💃New Schedule🕺

Hello Zumba lovers!!!

Summer sessions are halfway through!! It’s been one dance party after another and the sweat glow is real! 

August is the last month of Summer Sessions, With August 19th being our last class of the season. Here is our updated schedule:

Free classes at the library center be August 19th. Bring a friend and have some fun!

Zumba will return in the Fall with classes resuming on September 13th. Schedule to be posted in September.

For our last month of classes we are changing our venue! Join me as we tryout a new local studio! We will be dancing at Sunset Dance Studio!! The new studio space is only minutes from the community center and is still located in Warwick. Best part, it has an outdoor dance floor, lovely facilities and no stairs! I know your going to love it! 💃🤩🎉

View of the studio from the parking lot

Sunset Dance Studio: 

9 Kavalec Lane

Warwick NY, 10990

Follow the “Dance” signs!

Studio 1
Outdoor dance space

See you on the dance floor!!

😎Zumba with Jess- 👙 Summer Schedule🍉

Hi Zumba Lovers!
Let’s start the week off right with evening Zumba Monday Nights now through the end of August, at the Warwick Community Center aka The Doc Fry building! The party starts at 6:15pm. Come sweat and dance for an hour of high intensity dance aerobic fitness as only Zumba with Jess brings it!

Here’s where you can find me this summer:

MONDAY-Sunset Zumba 6:15PM- Doc Fry/ WVCC

TUESDAY– Zumba 10AM Doc Fry/ WVCC

WEDNESDAY– Zumba Gold 10AM Doc Fry/ WVCC

THURSDAY– Zumba at the Library 9:30AM- outdoor FREE class- (register through the library) Albert Wisner Public Library

FRIDAY– Zumba 10AM Doc Fry/ WVCC

$50 a month for unlimited classes at the Community Center! This monthly pass entitles you to attend any Zumba or Zumba Gold class during the week. A definite savings for anyone looking to really take their fitness to the next level.

This pass is good for one month after the day of purchase.

If you like the flexibility to come when you can I am still offering Multi-Class Passes.

5 classes $60- may be used for Zumba and Zumba Gold classes. Does not expire.

$15 a class

Warwick Valley Community Center / Doc Fry Building

11 Hamilton Avenue

Warwick, NY 10990

Albert Wisner Public Library

1 Macfarland Drive

Warwick, NY 10990

DANCE MODE ON! We are back at it 💃Come Dance 💃

Hello Zumba lovers! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving break, now let’s get back to dancing and sweating. I have about four extra slices of sweet potato pie I need to work off how about you? Our schedule remains the same Tuesday Wednesday and Friday from 10 AM to 11 AM at the Warwick Valley Community Center.

See you on the dance floor!


Trauma, Addiction, and Autism: Watching “THE WISDOM OF TRAUMA” with Dr. Gabor Mate.

World Mental Health day is October 10th! I love that we have a day to think about our most important organ, our minds. Zumba decided to dedicate a whole month to this and in regards to what Zumba and Zumba instructors do for the world’s mental health, a month seems more fitting. As a parent of a child living with the label of Autism, Mental Health is a huge interest of mine.

Yesterday kicked off the first day of the “Wisdom of Trauma” movie release and 7 day event of talks and content discussing the unseen epidemic of Trauma in our society. I often talk about the connection I have seen between trauma and Autism in my own life. The generational impacts of trauma, that can dysregulate the body/mind connection have been my focus of recovery for Jace and myself. As I am watching the movie, I open a page to write, so many emotions and connections, that I just have to put them somewhere. As I type this through tears of relief, knowing that I am not alone, that we are all alone, together, that life is pain and the beauty of healing, I am empowered by the ability to share this bc, we don’t have to be alone. I hope this post brings you relief and comfort from your traumas as well. And when all else fails get to a Zumba class, preferably mine lol, and dance it out! Give your brain a break and give it a beat!

Some of my favorite points Dr. Gabor Mate makes:

  1. 2 basic human needs: Attachment and Authenticity; how the need to attach out of a sense of survival as an infant and child shapes our relationship with our authentic selves.

2. Generational Trauma: It’s not your parents fault! Letting go of blame can seem like an impossible task. It goes back, it happened to them and their parents and so on. Generational trauma dissects us into groups experiencing similar traumas ie; genocide, slavery, economic, societal, and racial expectations. For example, when my ancestors moved to America, they had societal expectations to contend with as well as racial expectations put upon them, not to mention what they experienced in their homelands. This shaped the way my ancestors raised their children, and so on until it came to me and even I was raised believing that I had to prove these stereotypes wrong, focusing far too much energy on past ideals rather than my own natural ideals.

3. Addiction- Gabor sees addiction as a response to trauma, treat the trauma not the addiction. No longer are addictions seen solely as drug or alcohol use, addiction is anything that takes us away from our loved ones, harms our health, or suppresses our authentic self. It is a response to the void left by traumatic experiences and a way to self soothe our trauma. It can be anything from a syringe to an iPhone or a pair of designer shoes or even unnecessary late nights at the office. These are considered escapist behaviors in which we engage in behaviors that allow the conditioned mind to get out of the way for a moment of temporary joy, inevitably leaving us dissatisfied and craving the next fix.

4. Perception of reality: Often times, we don’t respond to what happens we respond to our perception of what happens. We are not responding to the present moment, we are responding to the past, a past trauma, and often we are alone in this perspective which creates anger, confusion, and buries the truth and facts.

If this content interest you please click the link below to learn more about “The Wisdom of Trauma” movie and access talks from the worlds leading experts in this field of mental medicine. I do not have any affiliates with this organization nor am I being paid for this, I am just a huge fan of Dr. Gabor Mate and his work.

Click here to register for this 7 day event

“With our thoughts, we make the world.”- Buddha



Hello Zumba Gold Lovers!
I have had so much fun dancing with you all. You are all doing so well with the new rhythms! We will continue to work on new rhythms; Cha Cha, Bachata, and this week we have added a really fun Mambo!
The Fall is such a beautiful time in Warwick it’s hard to stay indoors, so let’s dance under the Autumn sun amongst the beautiful foliage! We will meet on the lawn of the community center(weather permitting), by the second parking lot. PLEASE BE ADVISED: The grass can be moist from the morning dew so please prepare your feet appropriately for your comfort. As we get more into Fall, we will continue to hold class outdoors. We really get our sweat on in class so please remember to dress appropriately for your health and the changing weather.  Class will take place inside the building if the weather does not permit us to be outdoors. 
Speaking of clothing, I am currently stocked with these 3 Bright and Bold Zumba Wear Tees! 1 for $12 or 2 for $20. Rock your Zumba pride and get excited to come to class with these great looks! 







Here are songs featured in weeks 2 and 3:
“September””You Should Be Dancing (Serban Mix)””Shining Star””Tu Eres Ajena””Cien Años “”Bidi Bidi Bom Bom””Sahara Oasis””Lolita””Don’t Let Me Down””Tu Remedio””El Marciano””Be My Baby””El Tango de la Bodega””Zumba Lluvia””Resonance””Terrapin”

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!
See you on the dance floor!
Jessica Duggins 


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