Back to School and Feeling Grateful

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It’s always good to take a moment when things are going well, to be grateful. Yes I am that person 🙂 but when you live side by side with Autism you gotta take your good moments where you can. As we begin the second week of classes I have so much excitement energizing me, besides the fact that I am entering my last month of pregnancy. So many changes have occurred over the summer that are just keeping me stoked!

This Fall, J will be starting a ten week program that seems very promising. We will be working with a team of specialist to try to help him with his Auditory Sensitivity and Anticipated Anxiety. The team will also work on these goals with his teachers and service providers at school, so very exciting.

We are also starting our second season on J’s local sports team, The Thunderbolts, so excited to know he will be rejoining his community of friends that he has made over the past year and staying active.

I’m just overwhelmingly grateful for the smooth transition J has made from being on summer vaycay to returning to school. He was actually excited about going this year which has NEVER happened before, he was either indifferent or full of dread. We picked right back up with our sticker rewards system and he was excited to start that again as well. He’s got a whole list of things he is ready to earn.

Well hope you are all off to a good start. For all my parents of kids on the spectrum, remember transitions are tough for our kids, be kind, be patient and implement that routine, they will get used to it eventually, stay strong.

I will leave you with a quote I read from a German writer that helps keep me calm in intense situations with J, “The way you see people is the way you treat them, and the way you treat them is what they become.”- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


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